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The new approach to cannabinoid dosing.

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Created by nature, developed by science, tailored by you

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New Approach to Dosing

Why are we different?

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At Tincture Tailor, we know that CBD is life-changing, but the cannabis plant offers so much more. Now, with our unique range of CBD, CBG and CBC oils, plus energising and relaxing terpene blends, you can build a routine that’s as unique as you are – naturally supporting your energy levels, focus, and sleep.

We believe in a tailored approach to dosing that can be adapted to support the needs of the individual user at that time. We are all unique and our needs can change, meaning an off-the-shelf CBD oil won’t always be the best option, TT helps you adapt to that and be in control of your wellness.

We offer a new approach to dosing and new and unique products developed from the highest quality materials and processes, backed up by 3rd party testing and full lab reports for each product, so know exactly what you are using.

Tincture Tailor is a company that cares – about the quality of our products, the results you experience, and our impact on the environment – a true purpose-led business.

“A one size fits all CBD product will never give the optimum result for everyone as we’re all biologically unique and are looking for different results. So how can we think that an off the shelf CBD oil will be effective for everyone?”

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