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Our Story.

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The Tincture Tailor story began a decade ago, with founders Andrew and Cat experiencing first-hand the benefits of CBD dosing. They had always been advocates of the therapeutic cannabis market, and closely connected to the medical cannabis industry so they knew the benefits of incorporating CBD in to their daily routines.

As the years went on, their family grew and life changed. Sleep diminished, stress increased, their relationship suffered and their health deteriorated. CBD just didn’t seem to be cutting it anymore and the effects they used to feel were a thing of the past. As part of an overall wellness evaluation they started to wonder how they could get more from their cannabinoid routine.

Starting as a personal voyage of discovery into what more this plant could offer them, Tincture Tailor began.

Life-changing benefits from tailored dosing.

“A one size fits all CBD product will never give the optimum result for everyone as we’re all biologically unique and are looking for different results. So how can we think that an off-the-shelf CBD oil will be effective for everyone?”

– Andrew, Tincture Tailor

Establishing Tailored Dosing.

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Hours spent researching cannabinoids, terpenes, the Entourage Effect, domestic and international markets, product quality and the latest global research opened Andrew and Cat’s eyes to the potential of the fascinating and lesser-known legal compounds within cannabis. They became particularly interested in CBG, CBC and the power of terpenes.

The pair began tailoring their dosage to meet their health needs by importing high-quality, rare cannabinoid oils from overseas to create bespoke terpene blends at home.

In 2021, Tincture Tailor was born.

Before long, friends and family were trying and loving these new oils and taking ownership of their dosing. So, in 2021, the pair decided to share their discovery more widely and established Tincture Tailor, offering quality cannabinoids and terpene products that are uniquely customisable and infinitely variable. Tincture Tailor’s unique range sources products previously only available in the USA as well as unique, fully lab tested blends crafted by Andrew, right here in the UK.

Tincture Tailor is the only cannabis wellness range to offer CBD, CBG and CBC oils as isolates, as well as two unique natural terpene blends proven to support your energy levels and sleep.

This unique range allows you to tailor your dosage and make your cannabinoids work for your individual needs.

CBD, CBG, CBC and unique terpenes.

“With Tincture Tailor, we could adjust our cannabinoid blends based on what we needed at a specific time, factoring in levels of stress, health considerations, time of day and modify our desired result. Our mood, sleep, stress levels all significantly improved.”

– Cat, Tincture Tailor

The Tincture Tailor Promise:

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At Tincture Tailor, we promise to:

  • Always offer transparency and quality products with lab reports and clear information
  • Maintain value and accessibility of cannabis wellness products to those who need them
  • Continually innovate and evolve the range to bring maximum benefits to our community
  • Offer the tools and knowledge to empower users to tailor their own dosing
  • Keep the environment at the core of all we do as a business
  • Fight to educate and remove the stigma around cannabis and provide support to those who need medical cannabis 

“The benefits we have seen from Tincture Tailor’s tailored dosing routines are just too good not to share. We hope all our customers see the same positive impact on their lives as we have on ours.”

– Andrew, Tincture Tailor

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