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Your TT Routine.

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CBD is life-changing, but the cannabis plant offers so much more. Now, with Tincture Tailor’s unique range of CBD, CBG, CBC and energizing and relaxing terpene blends, you can build a routine that’s as unique as you are – naturally supporting your energy levels, focus, and sleep.

Tailor your dosage and make cannabinoids work for you.

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The Components for your TT Routine.

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A natural cannabinoid that works with receptors throughout the body, CBD supports the balance of key functions in your body – from sleep and mood to pain.


The stem cell of the cannabis plant – every other cannabinoid comes from it. CBG works with additional receptors to improve your gut, eye, and brain function.


CBC works with a unique set of receptors to regulate damaging inflammation, body temperature and overall brain health.

Power Up Terpene Blend

Our Power Up terpene blends contains naturally energising compounds found in cannabis, with proven uplifting properties to increase your focus and energy levels.

Power Down Terpene Blend

Our Power Down terpene blend naturally sedating compounds found in cannabis proven to relax you, and improve your mood and sleep.

Understand Cannabinoids and Terpenes

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Dosing Inspiration

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If you find it hard to focus in the mornings or suffer from an afternoon slump, then CBC could be helpful. CBC works with receptors in the body that improve brain function and has shown promise in neuro-regeneration. In combination with terpenes known for their energising properties, CBC could help maintain mental clarity and avoid the need to reach for caffeine and sugar.


Many people have tried CBD for its pain-relieving properties. However, most people don’t know that CBG and CBC also relieve pain, targeting both inflammatory pain and neuropathic pain. Taken together, CBD, CBG and CBC benefit from the entourage effect, so their effects would be enhanced.


If you’re going through a stressful time and looking for natural support, CBD is a natural mood stabiliser. CBG interacts with the serotonin receptor, increasing dopamine – both happy hormones! In addition, CBC slows the erosion of anandamide (the bliss molecule), meaning those feelings of elevated mood last for longer.


Sleep quality is pivotal to our mental and physical health. Cannabis terpenes with sedative effects taken half an hour before bed can aid relaxation and help you fall into a deeper sleep. CBD can reduce insomnia symptoms and increase feelings of calm, again supporting a better night’s sleep.

Exercise Recovery.

Does muscle and joint stiffness affect your exercise routine? We know that CBD, CBG and CBC all target inflammation, however CBC works specifically with the TRP receptors whose primary responsibility is inflammation response. Taken before or after your workout means your body has a recovery head start and those aches will be less severe.

Digestive Health.

For those of you struggling poor gut health, we know that CBG strongly binds with receptors concentrated in the gut, supporting digestion. Stress and gut motility are strongly linked, and there is more and more emerging evidence that gut health and mental health are linked This means that any cannabinoids taken to support mental health and mood would likely have a positive impact on digestion.

Women’s Health.

Whether looking to cannabinoids for support with menopause symptoms of menstrual pain, a lot of women are finding they can offer relief We know that temperature control is supported by CBG and in addition CBD is effective at restoring homeostasis in the body. CBG taken for inflammation can help menstrual cramps and finally terpenes with relaxing properties could help ensure a better nights sleep even when your body has other ideas!

The 4 R’s – The Key to a Successful Routine

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First, think about what you want out of a cannabinoid routine.

Do you want to improve your sleep or reduce anxiety? Increase your focus at work or improve your energy levels throughout the day? Or, are you looking for pain relief, to improve your gut health or boost your mental health?

First, Learn With Us online. Then, do your homework. Whilst Tincture Tailor and other CBD companies are not legally allowed to make medical claims about their products, you’ll find countless independent studies online that prove how CBD, CBC, CBG and terpenes work with our bodies to relieve an enormous range of health concerns.

Explore the evidence and learn how incorporating TT’s cannabinoids and terpenes could help you reach your desired outcome.


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With 1.3 million UK adults regularly using CBD oils, it’s likely you’re already using or have tried a simple CBD routine already. But, now you know more about the benefits of a tailored dosing routine, it’s time to rebuild with TT oils.

Select your chosen products, and always start with a low dose of just 1 or 2 drops of the new products. To help the cannabinoids and terpenes disperse into your system, oils are best taken sublingually – place a small number of drops under your tongue, then wait for them to disappear over 90 seconds.

Consider upping the number of drops you have over a week or so to create the desired outcome. Think about the time of day you take your dose – our Power Up terpene blend has energising qualities, so you may want to include them in your morning routine alongside CBD. At night, it’s time for the Power Down terpene blend taken alongside your selected cannabinoids.

By rebuilding your routine, it’s likely you will no longer need as high a dose of CBD to achieve the same results. So, you can make your CBD oil last much longer. In addition, by maximising the entourage effect and tailoring your dosage, you’ll make your cannabinoids work harder for you!

For best results, combine cannabinoids with a conscious wellness routine, incorporating, incorporating exercise, good sleep hygiene and whole foods to tailor the best outcome for you.

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A crucial step, recording helps you understand how your new cannabinoid routine is helping you. It also allows you to tailor your dosage further – finding the ideal time of day for the best results.

Completing a dosing journal is ideal, or just make a daily note on your phone. First, record your dose, including the number of drops, how you took it, and the time. Then, take a minute to reflect on your feelings and symptoms, especially concerning the problem you are looking to improve.

Finally, ask yourself: How did you sleep? How is your mood? What’s different about today?

Join our wellness community @tincturetailor on Instagram for more journal prompts and wellness tips.

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By regularly reviewing your TT routine, you’ll get the most out of it. If your routine is working for you, that’s great. If you’re finding yourself having a mid-afternoon energy dip, consider increasing or changing your dosage time.

Are stress levels sneaking up due to work pressures? Consider increasing your CBD and CBG dosing to get ahead. If your exercise regime is changing and you need more support with recovery, consider tailoring your new dose accordingly?

These 4 TT steps are a cycle because when your life and health needs change so should your dosing. Your journey to wellness is just that, a journey, not a destination and it is not linear. So by conciously managing your cannabis wellness routine, you can be the very best version of you – no matter what life throws at you!

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