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Choosing a tincture for you

Wondering where to start with your TT cannabinoids? You are not alone. We are often asked which of the tinctures people need and this is not a simple question to answer.

The TT concept came from the basis that we are all unique and an off the shelf product will not give everyone the results they are looking for. This can be a difficult adjustment in a world where we are used to having all the answers at our finger tips at any given time. But it will be worth adjusting for, trust us!

I am sure that you will know people who swear by CBD, and then on the flip side know people who tried it and weren’t convinced. There are numerous reasons for this which we can cover in another post (such as delivery method, product quality and product strength) but one of the major factors is the person taking the product. We are all biologically unique, with unique genetics, metabolism, weight, age, health concerns (the list goes on). To add further complexity the way our bodies may respond one day could vary to the next, or at different stages of the year of our lives.

In short, setting out a dosing plan is not easy and something we want you to invest in and figure out for yourselves, and this investment in your endocannabinoid health will be worth it!


As a rule of thumb we would recommend starting with the CBD oil if you haven’t tried any cannabinoids before. CBD is the most well researched of the compounds available in UK, and generally has good results restoring homeostasis and supporting our wellbeing. I suppose we would call this the foundation for the TT routine.

Terpene Blends

Our terpene blends are totally unique and developed here in the UK using natural terpenes with proven health properties. We would recommend everyone to use these as part of their routine because they can steer the results of your cannabinoids depending on the time of day and desired effects. For example, if you find you need an energy boost at a certain point in your day or before a workout, then a couple of drops alongside your cannabinoids will direct how the cannabinoid works with your ECS and by harnessing the entourage effect. They will not only steer your cannabinoids but will also make them work harder so you may even require less. The Power Down terpene blend taken alongside your cannabinoids of choice, will do the same thing, steer the way they interact with your receptors, helping you ease into a deep state of relaxation and improve sleep length and quality.

CBC and CBG Oil

Another variation is the way you take the product. Vaping has a quicker effect, but is not so long lasting

If you have tried CBD with limited results or are curious to see what more could be achieved, then we would recommend adding these minor cannabinoids to your routine rather than relying on CBD as your only cannabinoid.  There is less research available for these at this point compared to CBD, but this is not a reflection of their power. 

Anecdotally CBG and CBC support inflammation related concerns more effectively, especially when used alongside CBD.  Also, if you have a specific health issue you are looking to address then the evidence may help guide your dosing.  For example, CBG has been shown to improve symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease so could be a great addition for anyone who suffers from gut health issues.

The takeaway is that these cannabis compounds are all effective and valuable additions to your supplement routine and there is no reason you cannot use them all alongside each other.   However as for what, when and how much, that is in your hands to tailor for your unique physiology and needs.

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