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About CBC.

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CBC (cannabichromene) is non-intoxicating, so just like CBD and CBG it won’t make you high. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t notice any changes after using it.

Many people suggest it provides a similar effect to CBD, which is why a growing number of people have begun using CBC. Some of the most promising research points towards its anti-inflammatory, neuro regenerative and stress-reducing properties. Research shows excitement around this cannabinoid taken alone for issues such as acne, chronic pain, depression, or building your dose in conjunction with CBD.

Whilst CBC has several potential benefits as a standalone cannabinoid, research suggests it is most effective when working with other cannabinoids due to the entourage effect. The idea of the entourage effect is that individual cannabinoids offer more as a group than they do by themselves. So by tailoring your cannabinoids and re-building your routine with Tincture Tailor, your CBC dosage will work harder for you.

CBC is much less researched and understood than its sibling CBD, as once the plant is fully grown, very little CBC still exists.

What does the research tell us about CBC?

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CBC has been shown to alleviate inflammation whilst also helping promote and stabilise your mood. CBC also seemingly helps promote cell health. In addition, studies show CBC could elevate levels of anandamide, a brain molecule that produces feelings of happiness and bliss.

CBC is linked to pain perception, anandamide, and dopamine. By activating these channels, CBC could elevate mood without any intoxicating side effects.

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